The twins turn 5!

Five years ago I was in shock from giving birth to identical twin girls at 29 weeks.

I gave birth naturally from start to finish in an intense three hours. The next two months was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and to be honest I wouldn’t want to go through it again. It was tough.

We were lucky. The girls came home healthy, tiny but healthy, and we were proud as punch.

We didn’t mind the sleepless nights, reflux, colic, the lot. We were happy we had them in our lives and home.

Fast forward five years and they are thriving! We have had a fab summer and we enjoy seeing them blossom into funny little characters.

Happy 5th birthday Phoebe and Tamsin! See below some pictures from the summer. 

We went to Jump Heaven, Build a Bear, the Cheshire Country and Games Show, Minikin paint a pot, and Krispy Kremes (which went down very well!).


Thassos, Greece

We are back! We came to Thassos in Greece last year for the first time and loved it. 

It’s perfect for the children and Sam’s dad has moved here for the summer with his wife Kerrie.

I am sat here writing this now whilst the kids have their afternoon nap. Normally I dose off but today I thought I’d write a quick update of the holiday so far (we have been here four days).

One interesting part of the holiday is Jacob’s no nappies. He has been out of them for around a month or so and now he has decided to wee and poo the bed at night.

We found out he did a poo because he uses his two fingers as a dummy. We woke up to him wreching and he burst into tears.

I had to take the bedding, cushions, (you name it he had pooed on it) to kerrie’s and bless her she washed the lot. Fully gross (and mortified).

Jacob has also managed to fall off his chair twice at dinner so we have resorted back to a highchair.

I guess what Sam and I have forgotten is that he is only two. The twins were still in highchairs and had accidents in the night.

I guess when you are the second child you aren’t as intense as parents and let the rigid routines slide, which results in shit all over the bed and walls.


Port Isaac, Cornwall

So we have just come back from a week’s holiday. In that week we spent four days in the lovely Port Isaac in Cornwall.

Me and Sam haven’t been to Cornwall before and we can see why it is so popular. It is such a pretty part of the UK. Stunning scenery and lovely lovely people.

On the way to Port Isaac we stopped in Tintagel, which was a stunning little old village where King Arther was supposedly conceived. 

We visited the old post office and joined the National Trust in there. The lady was wonderful and even let the twins use the staff toilet as they kept shouting ‘I need a wee mummy!’

We walked down to Merlin’s cave looking for mermaids and had a Cornish pasty, you can never go wrong with one of those for lunch.

Port Isaac itself was one of the prettiest villages I have ever seen. We stayed in a fab cottage just behind Nathan Outlaw’s fish restaurant (a massive thumbs up – food was delicious).

We also had the best fish and chips I have ever tasted in the old primary school. The battered fish literally melted in your mouth (I’m sounding like a proper foodie now aren’t I?).

Every place we ate in throughout our stay had amazing food. The Mote Seafood restaurant and the Port Gaverne were all delicious.

We went fishing in rock pools and had a look at Doc Martin’s house. They were filming whilst we were there one day, which was cool to see. I have just started to watch the first series (behind the times I know) now we have been to the place where it is filmed and love it!

In my next blog post I will tell you about the other place we stayed, the gorgeous Berridon Farm. Till then, enjoy the pictures. 

Chester zoo

Once a year we go to Chester Zoo. It’s a place I have loved to go since being little.

It’s a zoo that takes great care in looking after endangered animals and has many breeding programs. I’m all for animal welfare and supporting what they do.

The twins and Jacob completed their reward chart and got all their stars for good behaviour. The star prize was Chester Zoo!

We spent almost five hours there looking at every animal you can imagine. Our favourites? Mine and Phoebe’s was the ‘bat cave’ as they called it. Tamsin’s was the zebras and Jacob’s was the penguins. They giggled so loudly as they swam past! Sam enjoyed the chimpanzees, he filmed two whilst they were getting jiggy with it!

It was a hot day so a packed lunch was a good idea. There was only one meltdown in front of the elephants when Tamsin wanted a blow up toy. I have bought them before and they pop after a couple of days so I said not this time. Cue meltdown. A loud meltdown.

After a little ‘I will take you back to the car’ chat all was well and they behaved brilliantly.

I might look into getting an annual pass at Chester Zoo, it’s just so good!


Manchester meets Australia

As you know my Uncle came over from Australia with his tribe for a week and we all love it when they are here.

My cousins Abbie and Jess are now 15 and 12. They are such good company and we decided to have a sleepover at our house, much to the twins delight. They got so excited showing them their school and friends the following morning.

The girls love the idea of a sleepover and keep asking me if their friends from school can stay over. I have told them four years old is a bit young, plus I think it would end up being a sleepless night for me and Sam!

Hopefully we will get over to Australia now the kids are getting bigger. I didn’t dare go on a long haul flight with toddler twins and a baby! 

Easter fun

This Easter has been a great one. Our Australian relatives came to see us and it has been ace seeing them.

The twins and Jacob have loved following their cousins Abbie and Jess around. The girls are so good with them, especially as the little ones are so tiring and don’t stop talking!

We have been to Dunham Massey to look at the deers, Manchester for breakfast at Ezra and Gil, a mooch around the Manchester Craft Markets (even though the weather was dreadful) and heading to the Trafford Centre tomorrow (the girls love Topshop).

They are only here for a week but we are loving every second of them being here. The twins will miss them so much when they have gone.

The girls also had fun making Easter eggs with nana. Lots of icing went into the twins mouths rather than on their eggs, but they got there decorating it in the end!

Tatton Park

The twins wanted to go to a farm in the Easter holidays (and so did I). Tatton Park has an amazing farm and as it’s lambing season we decided to go.

My mum, aunty and grandma came along as Sam is still in Hong Kong working. I have kept the days filled with fun activities as they do miss him (as do I).

We got to Tatton Park for 10am as I knew it was going to be a hot day and busy. We beat the crowds and traffic but then realised the farm didn’t open till 12 noon.

So we played in the huge adventure park and had a coffee first. The farm had so many lambs and the girls got to stroke some triplets! 

I didn’t take any pics of the animals as it was packed and I’m also nervous of taking pictures with other children in shot. I never know whether parents would be ok with that so I avoid those situations. I did get a sneaky picture of Tamsin with the huge pig also called Tamzin! 

We giggled at the piglets, played in the adventure forest area and had a picnic that Jacob mainly fed to the birds. So making his sandwiches at 7am was so worth it. 

We really did have fun in the sun! Lots of ice cream, chocolate, sweets and grazes where Jacob kept falling over. Toddlers!