Spot the twins

We have an amazing buttercup field by our house and I took all the kids to get some pictures of them playing.

Nice idea. Jacob wouldn’t join in because he was tired and wanted to go on Sam’s shoulders.

The girls kept whinging because they kept hurting themselves on thistles. And I stood in dog shit.

Apart from that look at the idyllic pictures (haha). The dog jumped so high over the buttercups that her ears looked ace as they flapped around!

Anyway I got my buttercup picture. Happy mummy.


Harry Potter….again

Yep I’m back in London doing something Harry Potter related again. This 20 year anniversary has been so bloody good!

I have visited the Harry Potter A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library, then we watched the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets film with a live orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, and lastly we watched Harry Potter The Cursed Child at the theatre in the West End.

Wow, that’s a lot of Harry Potter stuff I dragged my husband to (and he loved it secretly).

I really enjoyed every single one. The exhibition was only £10 entry fee and was fascinating to see where she got her ideas from old magical books.

The Royal Albert Hall was stunning to see in itself before listening to the fab orchestra, which performed all the music perfectly and just like in the film.

The Cursed Child I was more apprehensive about. I love the story as the seven books/eight films and I was unsure I wanted the story to continue when it ended after the Deathly Hallows.

I was so pleased when I watched the play last night as I thought the story and play was utterly amazing.

I read the screenplay last year, but to see it on stage blew my mind. How they did the magic on stage was so clever.

We also visited Mina Lima, which I have always wanted to see and it didn’t disappoint. I have bought some of their books online as I love the duo’s work, so to see a shop full of their designs was just ace.

Now my Harry Potter marathon has come to an end. Sigh. The twins are seven next year and that’s when I’m going to start reading the books with them to get them on all things Harry Potter.

I hope they love it as much as I do, or a part of me might die a little inside!

Home schooling the twins

Since the twins were off for a while with chickenpox I tried a bit of home schooling. It lasted one day.

I take my hat off to people who do it as it is hard not to get distracted by other things around the house.

I had so many jobs to do on top of wanting to do some work with them and entertain Jacob was certainly a different challenge for me.

The girls loved it to be fair. We did spellings, reading and number bonds. The weather that week was boiling hot (a rarity in Manchester) so we did spend a lot of time playing outside before the rain returned.

We did lots of gardening including planting beetroot, courgettes and raspberry canes with my mum. We also planted all the herbs out in our garden. See some pics below, I did love having them off but back to school they go!

Becky Adlington Swimming Gala

Phoebe, Tamsin and Jacob have their swimming lessons with Becky Adlington Swimstars.

This year for the first time the company decided to hold its first swimming gala – for free!

Each child took part in three races. They were front, back and an obstacle race. The older kids had the chance to win a rosette for first, second and third place. The younger foundation stage (all three of mine are in this stage) won a gold Becky Adlington medal at the end and had their picture taken.

Unfortunately Becky Adlington was running late and arrived after our races were finished but it was due to childcare and we have all experienced that before!

The twins and Jacob loved it! Jacob got a bit overwhelmed after the first race and watched the rest of the gala sat on my knee.

Tamsin started popping up in chickenpox by the second, she showed no signs before we arrived to the gala and it literally started just as she put her swimming costume on!

We swiftly left afterwards as I was worried she was contagious. I’m so happy we took part in the gala as it was a great experience for them and I enjoyed watching them too!

The pictures below are from the Becky Adlington Swimstars Facebook page.

Chickenpox has entered the house

Well that was grim. A full three weeks of grimness. Chickenpox (apart from potty training) has been my worst experience of parenting so far.

I have never felt so sorry for the twins. Jacob started off with chickenpox the day they finished school for the Easter holidays. He was poorly but didn’t come out in loads of spots.

A week later Tamsin got them and she had loads of spots everywhere. She was so poorly she was whimpering on the sofa for a few days.

The week after that Phoebe started with them. I have never seen her so poorly and she was literally covered from head to toe. She had so many on her face she barely talked.

Phoebe was definitely the worst out of the three. They are now at the stage where they have scabbed over and back at school. Phoebe didn’t want to go in because she was worried people would stare at her.

I had to give her a pep talk every morning and luckily a few friends in her class also had just had chickenpox (I think we infected most of the class, which was embarrassing).

Anyway, I’m now using Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream to calm down their skin. I have also got some Dr Organic Scar and Stretch Mark Serum to help when the scabs have gone. Both from Holland & Barrett.

Here’s hoping it works! Any other recommendations are welcome!

Snowy days

We had an unexpected flurry of snow last week. I never pay attention to the news as they say a snow storm is always on its way and it never arrives!

So when I say unexpected it was probably expected by the rest of the country! It was nicknamed on social media as Beast from the East and it was fun all round for the kids (not so fun with cancelled trains and horrendous traffic!)

Lots of schools were closed, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Unfortunately for the the girls and Jacob, their school was one of the very few that stayed open. They didn’t seem to care though and loved playing with their school friends…phew.

Our puppy Red was unsure of the snow at first, then it sent her crazy. She had fun with a lovely Dalmatian called Bella. The girls best friends at school are also twins, Ruby and Clark, and Bella is their dog. Twins, dogs and snow…top few days!

See some pictures below of the kids, they LOVED it!

The twins turn 5!

Five years ago I was in shock from giving birth to identical twin girls at 29 weeks.

I gave birth naturally from start to finish in an intense three hours. The next two months was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and to be honest I wouldn’t want to go through it again. It was tough.

We were lucky. The girls came home healthy, tiny but healthy, and we were proud as punch.

We didn’t mind the sleepless nights, reflux, colic, the lot. We were happy we had them in our lives and home.

Fast forward five years and they are thriving! We have had a fab summer and we enjoy seeing them blossom into funny little characters.

Happy 5th birthday Phoebe and Tamsin! See below some pictures from the summer. 

We went to Jump Heaven, Build a Bear, the Cheshire Country and Games Show, Minikin paint a pot, and Krispy Kremes (which went down very well!).