Snowy days

We had an unexpected flurry of snow last week. I never pay attention to the news as they say a snow storm is always on its way and it never arrives!

So when I say unexpected it was probably expected by the rest of the country! It was nicknamed on social media as Beast from the East and it was fun all round for the kids (not so fun with cancelled trains and horrendous traffic!)

Lots of schools were closed, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Unfortunately for the the girls and Jacob, their school was one of the very few that stayed open. They didn’t seem to care though and loved playing with their school friends…phew.

Our puppy Red was unsure of the snow at first, then it sent her crazy. She had fun with a lovely Dalmatian called Bella. The girls best friends at school are also twins, Ruby and Clark, and Bella is their dog. Twins, dogs and snow…top few days!

See some pictures below of the kids, they LOVED it!


Lyme Park

Since we have got the puppy we decided to join the National Trust.

We have Lyme Park right on our doorstep and it has been great to socialise Red with lots of other dogs and children.

Dogs are allowed on leads in the children’s play area, which is useful as I’m trying to teach her not to jump up at people.

She has been easy to train so far (I’m probably speaking too soon!) She doesn’t run off and is brilliant off the lead.

The question now is do we go for another baby whilst we have a puppy? If I had my time again, we should have had a baby first. I’m not sure how hard it is walking a dog with a baby?

Baby number four is not set in stone but I thought the dog might make me think ‘no three is enough!’ But to be honest it has been fine so far (now the pooing and weeing everywhere has calmed down).

I’m not sure what will happen in 2018. We have a few exciting things in the pipeline but I will reveal those once they happen!

Chester Zoo

I just love Chester Zoo. I could take the kids every week.

When I was at university I met a guy at the student union called Tristan who was studying Zoology and I immediately thought why didn’t I do that. Dream job.

This year we did the Christmas Lanterns at Chester Zoo and I was just so impressed.

Flamingoes on roller skates (humans dressed up obvs, no animals were harmed!) We listened to the insect orchestra and took pictures by EVERY lantern.

The girls had a chat with the elves, saw Father Christmas resting after a busy Christmas Eve (we went on the 27th, which still worked well as the elves were sorting out thank you cards for Father Christmas).

The kids loved it and the music accompanied with acrobatic monkeys (again humans) and dancing ballerinas was just fab.

The girls loved the ballerinas and were given little tin lanterns with a cut out animal on the front and a tea light. They have it next to their bed and switch the tea light on every night.

The girls and Jacob also loved the fake snow fountains. They found them hilarious, it was definitely their favourite bit!

Christmas 2017

This year due to the dog not being allowed out till her vaccinations had kicked in, we hosted Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

I was super nervous doing Christmas dinner as I have never done it before and I had 12 people to cook for.

Me and Sam alternate our families for Christmas Day and this year was Sam’s family. Gulp.

We did a lot of prep Christmas Eve and I shouldn’t have worried as it went well! The hostess trolley helped us a lot though as timings are hard.

We did a Jamie Oliver turkey recipe that was amazing and I did a Nigella red cabbage recipe that was delicious.

It was a loud, crazy Christmas with lots of people and the dog weeing and pooing everywhere, but we managed it!

The kids loved their presents and enjoyed showing everyone their new puppy. They also loved seeing Bobby the elf again, which I like too as he works a treat when they start squabbling. Even Red enjoyed the Elf on the Shelf book.

I got my brothers Harry Potter jumpers from the Warner Brothers London Tour shop (and got one for myself!) Me and Joe are Hufflepuffs and Danny is in Slytherin (according to Pottermore). So that was amusing.

In the week leading up to Christmas we baked gingerbread angels, I baked my grandma’s secret mince pie recipe and then ate most of them.

We also went to the Dunham Massey illuminated trail, which the kids really enjoyed. Lots of pretty lights, marshmallows and fairy like music.

I’m not looking forward to a January detox at all. I might do February instead.

Here’s to a great 2018!

A new member of the family

We have a puppy! We have done a lot of umming and ahhing over a fourth baby. So in the meantime we decided to get a puppy.

I thought a puppy would be easier. I said to Sam ‘let’s get a puppy and see how we get on’ as I was unsure if I could cope with a fourth.

Well. We should have gone for a baby. Puppies are so much harder than a newborn! Babies wear nappies, puppies wee and poo EVERYWHERE in your house. They also whine all night, ALL night. They are also very tying, which I already knew growing up with dogs.

Having said that, she is super affectionate and the kids adore her. So do me and Sam, I was just a little shocked at how hard a puppy is. Why did I think it was the easier option?!

Jacob insisted on calling her Red – his favourite colour. Bit of a weird name considering she is brown and white but I do like the fact the kids have named her.

Sam wanted to call her various Greek goddess names that no one could pronounce. I wanted to call her anything Disney or Harry Potter related. Nala and Luna were my top picks. I’d tell you sam’s but the spelling is just too hard.

She is going to be a fab member of the family. Although, the cat hates her…..


Just looking back at pictures from the weekend whilst Sam is away working in Hong Kong.

I have found some fab ones of the kids! I thought I would post them on here for when they look back in years to come.

Love Rhosneigr, such a great place.

Half term delights

Half term has fast approached us, which I’m pleased about as the girls needed a well earned rest after throwing themselves into year one.

I had a little Halloween party with a couple of their friends from school on Wednesday and we headed off to Rhosneigr in Wales Thursday morning. 

We are keen to try and get a house in Rhosneigr if finances will allow us. However spending time with friends on the caravan site and seeing how much fun it is we are also open to a caravan. 

The kids loved the caravan site as all the kids (all different ages) played together outside and the big ones looked after the little ones. It was just fab.

We rented a house this time on the beach and it was a real treat. The weather was really warm, which surprised me! All I packed was winter clothes for us all.

See some pics below of the week. Crabbing was a highlight!  Hopefully something will come up in Rhosneigr for us soon.