A new member of the family

We have a puppy! We have done a lot of umming and ahhing over a fourth baby. So in the meantime we decided to get a puppy.

I thought a puppy would be easier. I said to Sam ‘let’s get a puppy and see how we get on’ as I was unsure if I could cope with a fourth.

Well. We should have gone for a baby. Puppies are so much harder than a newborn! Babies wear nappies, puppies wee and poo EVERYWHERE in your house. They also whine all night, ALL night. They are also very tying, which I already knew growing up with dogs.

Having said that, she is super affectionate and the kids adore her. So do me and Sam, I was just a little shocked at how hard a puppy is. Why did I think it was the easier option?!

Jacob insisted on calling her Red – his favourite colour. Bit of a weird name considering she is brown and white but I do like the fact the kids have named her.

Sam wanted to call her various Greek goddess names that no one could pronounce. I wanted to call her anything Disney or Harry Potter related. Nala and Luna were my top picks. I’d tell you sam’s but the spelling is just too hard.

She is going to be a fab member of the family. Although, the cat hates her…..


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