I know I said my next blog post will be about Berridon Farm, but I have been at a wedding in Croatia last week so thought I would stick some pictures up of that first.

The groom was one of Sam’s best friends and as always I was apprehensive about leaving the kids for a few days.

It freaks me out when I’m in one country and they are in another. A few nights before I go I sleep badly and dread the flight.

When I arrive however I start to relax and enjoy some alone time with Sam. Sam’s friends are huge drinkers so needless to say each night was heavy. I slipped off early a couple of nights so I managed to do only one 4am finish. That was the average bedtime for everyone else, if not later.

The weekend was hilarious, from people losing their passports and missing the wedding, chilling on boats with nudists watching dolphins, to people losing various items on nights out including shoes.

Poreč, Croatia, is beautiful. Very hot (we melted on the wedding day), but truly stunning. Villa Polesini was a great venue and the view had the wow factor. Me and Sam said we would definitely go back with the kids.


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