Harry Potter London Studio Tour

So after last November when I went to Hogwarts in the Snow at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London, I caught what can only be described as a projectile vomiting sickness bug.

By the end of the tour I was that weak I had to be pushed out in a wheelchair by my friend (still managed to spend £70 in the gift shop).

As a massive Harry Potter fan, I was truly heartbroken and cried when I got home (oh yes it was that bad).

Fast forward to May and I gave it another shot, this time with my brothers. I appreciated so much that I wasn’t having to push through a school trip that was queuing to use the toilets for them to hear me barf for what literally felt like forever. I didn’t even care. I felt THAT ill.

I took loads of pictures on my phone the first time round due to the fact I literally couldn’t see out of my eyes I was that dilerious. This was so I could look back at them when I became a normal human again. That took a few days.

I wanted so much to go again that I decided to get my brother’s tickets for Christmas. One is a prop maker for television so it was right up his street and the other a builder and a big Harry Potter fan, so the construction side of the studio interested him.

It was a top day and this time I got to see all the prop detail with my non blurry eyes. I thought the butter beer might not taste nice but the caramel-like froth on top was insanely good.

I could honestly go every week. The Forbidden Forest was new this time round and it really was spectacular. 

My brothers joined pottermore to see what houses they were in. Joe is a Hufflepuff like me and Danny a Slytherin, which me and Joe found hilarious, “honestly there are a lot of good Slytherins Danny don’t worry.” 

I love the picture of us three in front of Hogwarts, although I do wish I took that rucksack off. I look like a right geek.

Anyway, here are the pics below. Yep even the one of me in a wheelchair.

November 19th 2016

May 13th 2017


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