Chester zoo

Once a year we go to Chester Zoo. It’s a place I have loved to go since being little.

It’s a zoo that takes great care in looking after endangered animals and has many breeding programs. I’m all for animal welfare and supporting what they do.

The twins and Jacob completed their reward chart and got all their stars for good behaviour. The star prize was Chester Zoo!

We spent almost five hours there looking at every animal you can imagine. Our favourites? Mine and Phoebe’s was the ‘bat cave’ as they called it. Tamsin’s was the zebras and Jacob’s was the penguins. They giggled so loudly as they swam past! Sam enjoyed the chimpanzees, he filmed two whilst they were getting jiggy with it!

It was a hot day so a packed lunch was a good idea. There was only one meltdown in front of the elephants when Tamsin wanted a blow up toy. I have bought them before and they pop after a couple of days so I said not this time. Cue meltdown. A loud meltdown.

After a little ‘I will take you back to the car’ chat all was well and they behaved brilliantly.

I might look into getting an annual pass at Chester Zoo, it’s just so good!



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