Tatton Park

The twins wanted to go to a farm in the Easter holidays (and so did I). Tatton Park has an amazing farm and as it’s lambing season we decided to go.

My mum, aunty and grandma came along as Sam is still in Hong Kong working. I have kept the days filled with fun activities as they do miss him (as do I).

We got to Tatton Park for 10am as I knew it was going to be a hot day and busy. We beat the crowds and traffic but then realised the farm didn’t open till 12 noon.

So we played in the huge adventure park and had a coffee first. The farm had so many lambs and the girls got to stroke some triplets! 

I didn’t take any pics of the animals as it was packed and I’m also nervous of taking pictures with other children in shot. I never know whether parents would be ok with that so I avoid those situations. I did get a sneaky picture of Tamsin with the huge pig also called Tamzin! 

We giggled at the piglets, played in the adventure forest area and had a picnic that Jacob mainly fed to the birds. So making his sandwiches at 7am was so worth it. 

We really did have fun in the sun! Lots of ice cream, chocolate, sweets and grazes where Jacob kept falling over. Toddlers!


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