First swimming lesson

The girls have just completed their first swimming lesson – late I know at four years old but I attempted swimming with the two of them as babies and I was left traumatised!

Scrambling for a family changing room, freezing cold all for a 20 minute swim that they didn’t really enjoy I thought to myself I will leave that for a while!

So after a long gap we headed to Total Fitness Wilmslow to start a Becky Adlington Swim Stars course.

The girls were a lot more confident than I thought they were going to be and had a huge grin from ear to ear for the full 30 minutes.

The teacher Bex was so good. Really friendly and the girls warmed to her straight away. She said she was struggling to tell them apart! I should have put them in different swimming costumes. I normally put a pink clip in Phoebe’s hair but her swim hat covered it.

They are looking forward to their next class already. I only took one picture as it felt a bit weird taking pictures of them in the changing room!


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