First dance show

So the girls did their first ever dance show on Sunday and they enjoyed it so much!

They did a tap dance with pretty tutu dresses, which as you can imagine they loved twirling round in.

Phoebe didn’t consider how slippy the floor was in her tap shoes despite me telling her to slow down and 15 minutes before the show she fell over and bust her nose.

Of course it was the only time I didn’t have baby wipes so I had to use her sock to stop the pouring blood come out of her nose until another mum offered me a baby wipe. Mortified.

Once the blood had stopped (I didn’t get one drop of blood on the tutu – well done me!) Phoebe started smiling again and went on stage.

I helped chaperone the event but to be honest I was not much use as I forgot to bring the girls pirate uniform down to the stage for a quick change for their acrobatics dance performance as a pirate. 

I also forgot grips for their pirate hat so people were running round trying to find some back stage. I also forgot to take a picture of them in their pirate outfit. Damn.

The acrobatics dance included headstands (with help) and roly poly’s. Tamsin’s belt started to fall off due to my poor quick change skills and initially she got upset on stage but her teacher fixed it and she cracked on.

Sophie Dee School of Dance did a fab show and did so well teaching 19 four-year-olds a dance routine and to give them the confidence to perform on stage. Not one of them refused to do it, they all loved it!

Enjoy the one picture I took. Oops.


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