Easter holidays

The two week break is here! This Easter holiday is slightly different as we normally go to Wales.

This year Sam has gone to Hong Kong for a week with work. Normally I’m used to this but this time my dad and brother have gone too for the Hong Kong Sevens. My mum has gone to Kirkby Lonsdale and my other brother is working all week.

So yes, I’m all alone with three kids for a week! I will be seeing Sam’s mum one day for company but being on your own for a week has made me think I need a plan. Otherwise the kids will be climbing the walls.

Easter egg painting crafts have been bought, Tatton Park Farm at the weekend and we have visited the grandparents this week already.

We will be cooking some Deliciously Ella recipes tomorrow (the energy balls are yum and the kids love making them).

We have visited an ice cream parlour and played in the local park too, so it has been full on so far this week. 

Scooters have also been out. Actually it’s only Tuesday, I have a long way to go. Six days in fact. Help me.


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