Happy New Year!

Wow, Christmas was a busy one!

We had a little tree this year, perfect size for the children to decorate. It was Frozen themed of course, which Jacob even enjoyed and sang ‘Let it go’ whilst decorating.

They got a new penguin that they named Snowflake and a polar bear they named Ben. Jacob seemed to think they could replace his football and booted them around the hall for the whole of December. Of course the twins joined in whilst I twitched on the sofa. I got fed up of saying ‘Bobby the elf is watching’. 

Bobby decorated the front room for the kids and left them a huge picture of a Christmas tree to colour in. They loved coming down every morning to see what he had been up to.

Tamsin was good at behaving for Bobby, Phoebe cared a bit less about Bobby but did him a casual sorry if she had been naughty. Jacob kept shouting ‘ELF!’ literally as loud as he good. He still continued drawing on the walls and furniture in felt tip whether Bobby could see or not. Snowballs and homemade damson vodka had never been so appealing.

As our kitchen extension is still ongoing, we spent a lot of time out and about visiting family and friends.

I found this great as it got the kids out of a confined space and it involved lots of delicious food.

The twins got a lovely pink bike with tassels and Jacob got a scooter. This has involved lots of trips to the park, which has been great fun.

There was also a surprise baby shower for my friend who is expecting in January so I had a nice girly (kid free) catch up with my best friends. I was in charge of the balloons (see below!).

My New Year’s resolution? Write more blogs! I really need to find the time to write more posts for this little diary I’m creating for the girls and Jacob. That, and reading more books. With a loud, manic house…wish me luck!


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