Little Christmas tree

When I was a little girl we always went to my grandparents house in Norfolk for the Christmas holidays.

I just loved going there. So much countryside plus my grandparents had a huge garden to play in!

At Christmas they always bought me my own little Christmas tree that stood next to my grandma’s 8ft one. I loved that I had my own little tree to decorate and have fond memories of looking at it with admiration once the fairy lights had been switched on.

I wanted to recreate this little memory with the girls and Jacob. Plus, as we are having an extension on our house we currently only have the hall and tiny front room to decorate. So a little tree would be perfect.

At first when Sam brought it home they said they wanted a bigger one. Then when I explained they were very lucky to have their own tree to decorate how they wanted, they soon got excited.

They went for a frozen theme and have made some decorations at school as well as with my mum, which now sit perfectly on the tree.

They have named the polar bear Ben (a half price bargain from Sainsbury’s) and Snowflake the penguin (again from Sainsbury’s).

The Christmas Russian Doll from John Lewis also went down a treat, although Jacob does seem to enjoy throwing it at full pelt into our temporary lounge.

Only a couple of pics mainly because the house is full of dust and is pretty much a building site!


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