Halloween treats

This year the twins chose evil rabbit masks from a shop in Manchester called Oklahoma.

They had the twin charm that day as the girl behind the counter asked if she could take a picture of them and put it on their Instagram page. They loved the attention obviously.

I was actually worried the masks might scare the little kids at the two Halloween parties they were invited to.

Luckily the girls didn’t wear them for too long and just looked like innocent bunnies!

Jacob went as a pumpkin, although he thought it was a bib so hated it. He simply won’t wear a bib because the girls don’t wear one.

This year I decided not to go trick or treating. The girls have been so tired since starting school full time and after two parties full of treats, I thought it would be nice to give other children sweets too. Basically teaching them to give as well as take.

We decorated outside our house and inside our porch. The girls then waited at the window asking me when the trick or treaters were coming. 

All of a sudden I panicked, we are in an estate where there is a lot of older people. The younger families were on the housing estate next to us.

I had a mother’s guilt pang. I only knew next door were coming, which they did. Then we had one other. That was it! 

I text my 12 year old niece to come to our house as I didn’t want the girls to be disappointed (Jacob didn’t care, his bib was on the floor in the hall).

Luckily Marcy came with around ten of her mates, the twins were so excited and it totally saved me from having any guilt pangs!

We are definitely going trick or treating on the ‘young estate’ next year. 

Tamsin asked for a picture of white doggy next to her pumpkin!


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