Manchester chocolate boutique

Last weekend we decided to head to Manchester for lunch to break up the dull job of trying to hunt for a new car.

Now the kids are getting older we have found our car is too small and has no room for bikes and scooters.

I find cars so dull. They are expensive and I don’t particularly like driving. But one thing I’m all for is anything that is practical and makes day-to-day life easier.

So it looks like we need a bigger family car. When we stopped for food at the lovely Earth cafe in the northern quarter (a vegan shop that caters for my newly discovered intolerances – I will bore you with those findings another day as I am currently half asleep in bed), we came across a gorgeous chocolate shop.

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique is heaven. It is tiny and full of character. It has two tiny tables outside and two inside. The boutique was decorated with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas characters and flowery skulls.

It was fascinating looking at all the handmade chocolates and the copper machine the lady used to make hot chocolate. Her style was vintage with a gothic twist. Leopard print skirt with a large vintage hairband and dark red roses stuffed in her hair. Her outfit was amazing.

The girls were loving all the Halloween decorations and the smell in the shop was making my mouth water. I will mention one of my food intolerances as it is relevant to this post – cows milk. That means no chocolate for me. Torture. Pure torture.

I mentioned this torture in the boutique and to my complete surprise the lady behind the counter said a lot of their products were vegan friendly and dairy free. The utter rush of excitement filled my body.

I had a hot chocolate with peeled orange and the girls had salted caramel chocolates. Heaven heaven heaven.

I only took one picture in the shop, which I really regret as everywhere you looked had something fascinating to look at. Ok, ok I’m a huge chocolate fan. But if you do get to go, you will not be disappointed.


One thought on “Manchester chocolate boutique

  1. Oh amazing. I have seen the shop but just assumed I wouldn’t be able to find many things in there. Glad you had a nice time.

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