Autumn sniffles

As the summer temperatures cool and the autumn breeze blows in, we are welcomed with….snot. And lots of it.

The twins have loved being back at school and making new friends. But as always at the start of term the girls have caught a tickly cough, ear infections and colds.

They have had a few days off from school already, but I have to say I do enjoy them being at home. I have missed them since they have started going to school five days a week.

I miss their noises around the house, it seems so quiet with only me and Jacob. I can tell he misses them too, although I do think he likes having me all to himself for a few hours. 

He does make me laugh. His new favourite thing is blowing raspberries on my tummy, he has fits of giggles when he does it. That, and telling me ‘no!’ to everything I ask him.

To distract us from our coughs and sniffles, we decided to toast marshmallows in the back garden. We are currently having an extension and new garden so it seemed a good idea to build a fire!

Obviously the kids loved it. 


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