First time on a plane

The summer holidays have now come to an end and it has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Sam and I decided that after almost four years we should try going on a holiday abroad with all three kids. 

This meant going on a plane with three kids three and under.

Oh. god.

I started to sweat just the thought of it. I threw a penny in the weird dolphin fountain at the Trafford Centre and made a wish that Jacob would sleep all the way and the girls would be entertained with colouring and stickers.

However, I had a last minute wobble. I discussed with Sam that I didn’t think colouring books and stickers were enough. My friend told me about the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

Sam and I have always been against letting the children play on tablets and iPhones. Mainly because it always ends in arguing and tears. But I thought the Amazon Fire was a good back up.

We explained to the girls that they were to use for flying and long car journeys only for now. As they get bigger, we will slowly introduce them more for educational purposes but they certainly won’t be lying around the house to use when they want.

So far so good. We did use them on the plane and they really thought they were getting a big treat. They didn’t complain when they had to put them away and since we have been back home they have forgotten about them completely. Oh, and Jacob slept most of the way on the flights. That made the flights A LOT easier.

We went to Greece with Sam’s family and Malta with my family. Two fab holidays with lots of fun on the beach. The girls also turned four whilst in Malta and enjoyed a surprise Hello Kitty birthday cake organised by lovely Anna.

Next stop, going to school full time. Oh how I’m going to miss my little shadows…


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