English summer

The English summer is here! Thank god for that. The winter has been grim. 

The twins have caught every illness going at nursery, which has resulted in me catching every single one. Tonsillitis twice, a chest infection, three sickness bugs and endless colds. And that was just me.

The girls and Jacob seem to handle being ill much better than me and Sam never seems to catch anything. Maybe I’m just wet or find it harder as I can’t lie on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

However we have soldiered on and come through the other side feeling excited about the summer.

The weather has been fab and I was talking about the simple things in life on my Instagram @katehadfield1 recently. For the first time ever I have my very own washing line and I just love it.

Some people may think I’m strange but there is something so satisfying about putting washing on the line to dry in the fresh air. My mum did say “Give it a few weeks” but for now I’m enjoying it.

The children are enjoying the new garden as there is so much more space to explore. Today we made flower garlands and perfume from the flowers in the garden. 



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