New Year calmness

Christmas is hectic for every family and our family was no different. My one year old son Jacob pulled all the decorations off the Christmas tree and the twins moved the decorations higher and higher so he couldn’t reach them.

This ended up with our Christmas tree being decorated at the top and not the bottom. We also bought our Christmas tree on December 1st, which wasn’t a wise idea. 

We still haven’t figured out how to work our heating and the lounge has bursts of being extremely hot. This resulted in our Christmas tree being pretty much dead a week before Christmas.

By the time we had our Hadfield family party on the 28th it had well and truly kiffed it. Not that many people noticed by the amount of wine that was drunk.

The girls helped me put the Christmas decorations away and Phoebe thought we were going out to buy another one the same day. Tamsin was upset that our Elf on the Shelf Bobby had left and didn’t say goodbye. Jacob was unwrapping the kitchen roll I had wrapped around the decorations to put into storage and ripped it into tiny pieces. And yes this happened all at once.

Now the New Year is here and after a great time away in Derbyshire with friends it’s now back to normal. Well apart from the gherkins, pickles and crackers still left on our kitchen table. Oh and the tub of quality streets (the rubbish toffee ones are the only ones left).

Happy New Year!

The girls first nativity. They were cows!

Peepo Bobby!

The game Buttheads went down well on Christmas Day

Santa’s workshop. The twins are making reindeer food here

Putting food in the buckets for the reindeers

Phoebe decorating our gingerbread house

A bar in Manchester getting in the festive spirit

Jacob was head of the table on Christmas Day

The gingerbread house didn’t last for long!


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