The jolly season

I don’t think I have ever seen the twins so excited. They are running around the house saying it’s Christmas time with tinsel round their entire body.

I’m guessing this is normal behaviour for a three year old and to be honest I have been excited decorating our new house.

I keep going out and buying more decorations to fill each room (TK Maxx your decorations are amazing this year!). I have loved the fact we have a bannister this year, so I went to Costco and bought the biggest garland I could find. It even has lights on (cue excited 32 year old).

The girls decorated the Christmas tree, which involved putting all the decorations on one branch. Jacob just enjoyed chewing on the bells and watched the girls run round like mentalists.

Phoebe and Tamsin then went to my parents house and decorated their tree. More tinsel fun to their delight.

I have also started wrapping presents as I made the terrible mistake of leaving it all until Christmas Eve last year. Never again. I ran out of wrapping paper, sellotape, and presents went missing. I’m avoiding the stress this year (if you can say that with three year old twins and a one year old!). Trying to wrap presents with Jacob climbing all over them has proved just as challenging!

I took a couple of pictures but most of them are blurred as they couldn’t keep still! FYI – the girls had just been to dance class so excuse the strange leotard/jeans combo!



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