Children in Need 2015

Just a quick post to show you the twins and Jacob’s superhero costumes.

I bought The Incredibles logo from Amazon, which ended up being a nightmare as my card got cloned and the fraudster got giddy buying phone credit at O2 and T-Mobile.

After that was sorted (at 11.30pm half asleep), I enjoyed the costumes Sam had bought them.

With a mixture of boys underpants, girls tights, socks and vests from H&M, and masks and gloves from a fancy dress shop in Manchester, this creation was made – Elastigirl!

We really wish we would have put Jacob in a Jack-Jack costume too but if I’m honest we didn’t think at the time as I had Superman in my head. God knows why, this baby brain makes me do strange things.

Either way they loved their coffee morning at school for Children in Need and it was a great opportunity for me and Sam to meet some parents. They were all lovely! 

I didn’t take any pictures of the coffee morning as I’m not sure whether you can take other pictures of children in school. So just a couple of pictures this time! 



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