Manchester United has a new fan

And so it begins. Jacob has turned one this week and Sam insisted on buying him a Manchester United football kit.

Whilst I have an interest in football (actually that’s not true, maybe a slight interest. With wine in my hand), it drives me mad that it’s on the television all the time. Especially on a Friday night watching Salford City because Sam has watched the ‘class of 92 documentary.

Anyway let’s not sound like a nagging wife (I don’t do it that often…I think). I actually can’t believe Jacob is one. I went into labour on bonfire night so fireworks will always remind me of the excitement (and pain) I went through to welcome Jacob into the world.

It was a much more calming experience with Jacob’s labour than the girls and I am forever grateful for that. I will always have a nice memory of the labour being more controlled and less frightening (the fact I begged for drugs and got them this time helped slightly).

I won’t be having anymore children (my friends think otherwise), so I’m glad my last experience of labour was a positive one.

To celebrate we took the kids to LEGOLAND at the Trafford Centre, which they loved. I thought Jacob would be too small but he loved the shooting ride and the Lego play areas.

The twins got involved with Professor Brick-a-Brack’s tasks and enjoyed the Merlin ride.

To finish off the week we had a little party lunch. Being a typical boy I had to blow the candle out quick as he wanted to touch it!

Next stop….the Children in Need coffee morning at the girls school. It’s a superhero theme. Elastigirl from The Incredibles has been requested. My mum said ‘oh why don’t you make them the costume’. Such a joker.



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