Saying goodbye to our first family home

So I haven’t written a blog for a while. It is due to a combination of having a rest after the wedding and if I’m honest I am still getting used to looking after three kids!

I’m finding I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I simply don’t have the energy to pick up my iPad. I have opted to just lie in front of the telly dribbling and barely having the energy to talk to Sam. Ok, the dribbling is an exaggeration but it is a long day with three kids. Although sitting down at night and watching rubbish on the telly has become a bad habit of mine.

So hello, I am back! We did so many good things over the summer including the twins third birthday party, which the girls loved. We had a fairy theme and a bouncy castle, every little girl’s dream!

The girls have also started dance class, they are obsessed with their red tutu and tap shoes! Dressing up is their favourite thing to do at the moment. Sam brought them little dresses and fans back from Hong Kong, they were so happy!

Then two weeks ago we moved house. It was emotional for me as it was our first family home. I had all three of my babies there and I was sad to say goodbye to our neighbours.

We have now settled in Bramhall, Cheshire and we love it. More space for the kids and it is a five minute walk from their nursery. The girls started nursery in September and I have to say they were ready for it! They love all the activities and their teacher is brilliant…very calm and patient!

Here are a few pictures from the summer and of course leaving our first family home.


Phoebe and Tamsin chose to be Tinkerbell


Tamsin’s favourite colour is purple, Phoebe’s is yellow


First day at school. I always put Phoebe in a pink clip to help teachers know who is who!


Jacob helping me pack


First day at dance class


Treasures from Hong Kong


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