A trip to the allotment

Since I have had Jacob I haven’t had chance to go to the allotment with my poppa. So me and the twins went along with Jacob to pick some leeks and parsnips.

The twins love running around the allotment and followed my poppa and Aunty Louise everywhere. They helped pull up the leeks and parsnips as well as pick some broccoli.

There was a pirate flag on one of the plots which the twins were obsessed with and they also explored the shed.

It was fairly cold so we only stayed for an hour, enough time for them to learn where our veg comes from! That night we made honey roasted parsnips, which the twins loved. The next day we had leek and potato soup. The twins now say ‘yummy in my tummy’ when they eat veg!

Picking the leeks

Picking the leeks

Following Aunty Louise

Following Aunty Louise (it wasn’t actually raining!)

Raincoats are from JoJo Maman Bebe

Raincoats are from JoJo Maman Bebe

Looking for parsnips

Looking for parsnips


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