The twins have a new baby brother!

Baby number three has arrived! Jacob Parker Hadfield. He was born on 6 November at 00.16am weighing a healthy 7lbs 6oz.

He was born in between the girls arrival times, Phoebe was born at 00.10am and Tamsin was born at 00.20am. I might get some sort of picture of all three of them with the times on as they are so close to each other!

The labour was great and my opinion of giving birth has softened a little after giving birth to Jacob. After a scary birth with the twins at 29 weeks, Jacob arrived only a week early at 39 weeks.

My waters broke at 16.20pm on 5 November and eight hours later he had arrived. The midwives at Stepping Hill Hospital were yet again fantastic. What really helped me was the midwife that looked after me, Amanda, who had a baby at 28 weeks herself so she knew how scared I was when I arrived at hospital.

She made my experience with Jacob so calm and relaxing for me and Sam, I will always be so grateful for what she did for us. I also allowed a student nurse called Amy into the delivery suite as I think it is important for them to get as much experience as they can. She was also great and said my labour was a textbook labour!

This time I had an epidural and it was nothing short of amazing! To the point I didn’t believe the midwife when she said I was ten centimetres and I was ready to push! Jacob came out in only four pushes to the amazement of Amanda, Amy and Sam!

After giving birth to Jacob my white blood cell count was high so me and Jacob had to stay in hospital for three days to fight off an infection. Luckily Jacob didn’t have it after his tests came back negative.

After what we went through with the twins I didn’t mind staying in so the nurses could keep an eye on him. He looked so much healthier than the girls did when they were born.

So what do the twins think of him? At first they were not impressed, with me or him. When he cried they screamed and were almost frightened of him. But they are slowly warming to him, although I still haven’t got a picture of the girls holding Jacob. They don’t like touching him!

What is it like having three kids under three I hear you ask? Put it this way the Christmas tree has been up for four days and it still has no decorations on it…

A few hours old

A few hours old

At home after three days

At home after three days



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