Potty training twins

I thought to myself recently why not have a go at potty training the twins before baby number three arrives. They are certainly showing signs they are ready such as saying ‘Mummy poo’ or hiding in a corner to do one.

So far I have tried twice and both times have been interesting! A couple of weeks ago I stayed in the house on the advice from the new book I bought recently ‘Confident Toddler Care by Jo Frost’.

I think this woman is amazing. I have watched many of her programmes and her advice totally makes sense. The book has a section on potty training multiples and the advice is brilliant. She says you can teach twins by concentrating on one twin the first week and the second the week after.

So I started the week by staying in all day with the twins. I bought some knickers and vests from Marks & Spencer’s, which they loved wearing and seemed to enjoy the freedom of not wearing a nappy. However, they were absolutely feral! Poo and wee everywhere and they didn’t care. No interest in the potty whatsoever.

I have to bear in mind the twins corrected age isn’t until November 12th so I thought it was too early for them and decided to leave it for another couple of weeks.

Moving forwards, I tried again last week and Phoebe was a lot more interested in the potty this time and was really pleased with herself when I congratulated her after she did a wee for the first time in her potty. Minus a few accidents she did a few potty trips on her own without me even asking her to, which was great.

Tamsin on the other hand showed no interest. She watched Phoebe towards the end of the day but still carried on weeing all over the floor.

So I have come to the conclusion that when baby number three arrives I will try again. Yes I am mad.

It makes sense to me though as I will spend the first few weeks mainly at home getting into a routine with the three of them so it is a good opportunity.

The downside is I will have three kids in nappies, super expensive. But I am not going to rush the girls otherwise they will grow a fear of the potty.

Interestingly, Jo Frost’s book also has a chapter on introducing a new baby. That is my reading for this week. It has tips on regression, how to keep your baby safe and how to teach your toddler (or toddlers in my case!) to treat your baby.

So after reading this book I am clearly going to be a supermum who is amazing at tackling all of these toddler issues (yeah right!).

Wish me luck.

So many good tips in this book

Bedtime reading. So many good tips in this book


One thought on “Potty training twins

  1. I also had three kids in nappies although the other way around – my eldest and then the twins came next. The twins were actually quite painless once they were ready. I think waiting is the best thing you can do. Although, I remember those early days and I felt there was wee and poo from one end of the house to the other!!
    Good luck! The light at the end of the tunnel is that they won’t be in nappies forever!!!

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