Happy Halloween!

The twins chose their outfits themselves this year, Sully from Monsters Inc! They had a little tea party with their cousins Gia and Ariana who came dressed as pumpkins.

The table was decked out in Halloween treats and my mum bought something I have never seen before – a dark green, almost black pumpkin.

My brother Danny being the amazing artist he is, carved out two pumpkins in the space of 30 minutes. Now I know for a fact that would have taken me all day!

I’m definitely going to get a dark green pumpkin next year, it looked fab in the dark. My mum also attempted to make a frozen ice hand from a rubber glove to float in Ribena. It ended up being totally inappropriate for two year olds as only the middle finger came out properly!

Gia and Ariana’s mum Nadia is amazing at baking cupcakes and she came round with eyeball ginger cupcakes, which are to die for.

She also bought some pumpkin flavoured pretzels and the lethal peanut butter reese’s, so addictive! I’m going to use the excuse that I’m pregnant and eat the lot.

The twins loved the tea party and were totally high on sugar. They didn’t go to sleep till 9pm!

The dark green pumpkin - impressive!

The dark green pumpkin – impressive!

Getting creative with pumpkins

Getting creative with pumpkins

Halloween treats

Halloween treats

Eyeball cupcakes

Eyeball cupcakes

Not appropriate for two year olds! It didn't make the table...

Not appropriate for two year olds! It didn’t make the table…

Halloween tea

Halloween tea


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