The twins turn two!

The fact the twins turned two last week totally baffled me. The last two years have flown by, full of drama and lots of fun!

The first two months of their lives involved being cooped up in Stepping Hill Hospital’s Neonatal Unit, then the fun started when we got home.

We decided not to have a party mainly because I am exhausted with this pregnancy and I was also slightly anxious in case I gave birth early again (this baby’s due date is the same as the twins!).

Grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins popped round to see the twins in the afternoon after we visited the Blue Planet Aquarium in the morning. My mum made an amazing zoo cake that the twins loved. I wasn’t expecting it as I only asked her the night before if she could make one as I totally forgot! Baby brain has officially kicked in.

The Blue Planet Aquarium was also a last minute decision. Phoebe and Tamsin loved the conveyor belt that took them through the shark section. They can now say the word ‘wow!’ which was said numerous times at this point of the tour. They also loved the huge spiders and started to sing ‘Incy wincy spider’.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed with the Blue Planet Aquarium. It was looking very tired and needs updating if you ask me. The girls were free, which was great but it still cost £30 for me and Sam.

It was a tick off the list and we probably won’t go back, but it has certainly given us an insight into how much day trips cost for families. When we will have to start paying for the twins it is going to cost a fortune.

Time to start saving now!

P.s Check out their first pair of Doc Martens!






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