The twins visit Tatton Park

Last weekend I wanted to take the twins somewhere new. The only downside was the typical Manchester weather, lots and lots of rain!

I thought to myself the Swedish are known for being the outdoors type and take their kids out no matter what the weather is like, they just wrap up for the occasion. So I put the girls waterproof dungarees and coats on, and got out their wellies.

One thing I am finding with the girls is that they always have the correct gear to wear unlike me and Sam. We both seriously need to invest in some outdoor wear as we often come home drenched or freezing cold.

We decided to drive to Tatton Park in Knutsford, Cheshire and I am so happy we did. I had forgotten how amazing the place is. It is full of wildlife, I was even impressed with the trees that were hundreds of years old and many looked like a tree out of a Disney film.

We ended up being very lucky as the rain disappeared and the warm sun came out as soon as we arrived. We headed for Tatton Park’s farm and much to our delight we pretty much had the whole farm to ourselves except for two other couples with their kids.

Another reason why we were lucky was that one of the farm’s pigs had just given birth to 13 piglets the day before. We headed to the piggery first and thanks to the dreadful weather an hour before, we had it all to ourselves. Phoebe was quite scared of the pigs but I didn’t blame her, they were jumping up at us clearly very excited to see us. Either that or they thought the twins might be food!

One thing that did made make me laugh was that there was a huge pig called Tamzin in the piggery. Spelt with a ‘z’ instead of ‘s’ but I was surprised as I never come across the name Tamsin, which was one of the reasons why I liked the name as it is not that common.

Anyway, we finally reached Myrtle the pig and her 13 triplets. The girls were fascinated and had a few pictures taken with them. Well, Sam took a few!

I would say out of all the animals (donkeys, goats, hens, reindeers), the baby lambs were their favourite. They were so friendly and let the twins stroke them, which the girls absolutely loved. In fact, I have never seen their grins look so big.

The staff at the farm were very friendly and the twins got a free Lindt chocolate bunny on their way out in the gift shop. Even the man who took our parking fee at the entrance was very friendly and told us about the 13 piglets.

Tatton Park is great for walks and has some great events on throughout the year. We will certainly be visiting again this summer. I have my eye on the RHS Flower Show event!

Myrtle and her 13 piglets

Myrtle and her 13 piglets

Myrtle slept the whole time. Not surprised after giving birth to 13!

Myrtle slept the whole time. I’m not surprised after giving birth to 13!

Walking back after a nice couple of hours at Tatton Park's farm

Walking back after a nice couple of hours at Tatton Park’s farm

Splashing in the muddy puddles

Splashing in the muddy puddles



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