Baby number three! Yes we are officially mad…

Yes you read that right, we are expecting again. Just the one this time, phew!

We planned to have another baby as we have always said we would like three. We were keen to have our kids close together, even more so now we have twins. I was concious the younger child would feel left out as the twins will always have that special bond with each other.

Having them close together is going to be hard work. In fact, I can’t actually imagine how hard! I struggle with tiredness now so god only knows how I am going to cope when the little one arrives. The baby’s due date is the same as the twins, 12th November.

Fingers and toes crossed I go full term this time, I really don’t want to have to go through the neonatal experience again. That is one of the reasons I am pleased it is a singleton birth this time, I would definitely come early if it was twins again.

I said to Sam I was 96 percent sure it was just one baby this time as it feels totally different. I was however nervous when we went for our 12 week scan and the sonographer was looking at the screen before she turned it around to show us.

She said don’t worry it’s definitely one this time! I was relieved I have to say. Having four children is a massive difference compared to three I think. That’s when you have to change your car, maybe move house and get extra help!

So the news is out. I am pleased due to the fact I have felt unbelievably tired and experienced feeling sick since day one. Now I can go for a nap when the twins have their afternoon sleep without people wondering why I am sleeping so much!

I might as well enjoy the naps whilst I can because once the baby arrives I will be getting no sleep whatsoever! Deep breath now…


3 thoughts on “Baby number three! Yes we are officially mad…

  1. Congratulations! I have three (twin daughters and a younger daughter). They are three years apart. I also worried that my younger one would feel left out or less “special,” but she’s such an extroverted, self-confident little person. I hope she always stays that way!

      • Hey no worries, just call in the family to help out! Thrilled and proud of you, you’re an amazing Mummy. Rosie x

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