First attempt at a #selfie

Now let’s get something straight before we continue. I am not a fan of this selfie craze, in fact I hate them!

However Sam thought it would be funny to try and do one of the family as we were walking to the ancient burial mound in Rhosneigr. As long as the selfie looks nothing like one Kim Kardashian would do I am fine with it.

It actually did turn out to be quite a good selfie. Phoebe takes after her mother and isn’t a fan of them either, as you can tell by the look on her face!

It was a windy day walking up to the ancient burial mound but lots of sandwiches, jammy dodgers and crisps softened the blow. I love walking but when it is cold I am not as keen.

Sam and his brother Marcus carried a twin each. We knew we would be doing some walking on the holiday as Marcus and Jess are keen walkers. We looked at buying two baby carriers online and I was shocked at the prices. Average price is around £110, so that’s £220 for us who don’t do many walks.

We decided to check out eBay and we found two Little Life baby carriers for £75 altogether. We bought them from a lady who had twins and she had only used them twice. Perfect!

The twins did really well on the walk and even fell asleep in them on the way back. We stopped at The Oyster Catcher for a hot chocolate where the girls continued to sleep, even I nodded off for half an hour! Jess took the picture of us asleep at the pub. Slightly embarrassing falling asleep in public – I am blaming the twins!

Having a snooze at the Oyster Catcher

Having a snooze at The Oyster Catcher

I joined them!

I joined them!

Having a snooze on the way home

Having a snooze on the way home


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