Daddy’s hairstyles

My partner Sam always gets up with the twins in the morning and I follow down with one eye open 30 minutes later. This is our morning routine.

Mornings and me don’t mix well as I love my bed….a lot. After Sam passes me a cup of tea I then take over and give the girls some fruit followed by Weetabix and a beaker of warm milk.

What makes me laugh is that now the girls hair is long and falls in front of their face, I often come down to some rather bizarre hairstyles. Sam really struggles with the twins hair clips so he often doesn’t bother with them and instead attempts to do a ‘boho’ look.

This week Phoebe was given the pleasure of wearing a bun, one familar to what sumo wrestlers have. Tamsin was rocking the 80s ponytail on top of her head. The girls don’t seem to mind and Sam always asks why I take them out as he thinks they look cool.

I have to give it to him though, what a great effort considering before the twins he had never done a bun or ponytail in his life!


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