Reading hour with the twins

Phoebe and Tamsin have always loved their books, something I have been really pleased about as it is a great opportunity for them to learn.

In a previous blog post I have talked about how they love the book ‘Oh Dear!’ by Rod Campbell and for a while I have been trying to teach them animal noises.

So far they can do a lion, cow and snake noise. The snake one is an unusual choice I know, but they have a book called Spencer Bear from Marks & Spencer’s and they like the snake hiding in a cupboard on one of the pages.

They have been able to do these noises for a while now but they don’t seem to want to learn any new ones. In fact this week they don’t even want to do the animal noises they know. Whenever I ask ‘what noise does a lion make?’ I am met with silence. I am not concerned though, I am sure they will start making the animal noises again (plus a few more I hope).

On the upside they have started communicating with me more. When I ask questions like ‘Shall we go and have some breakfast?’ Tamsin replies with ‘Yes’ while Phoebe throws her toys on the floor and runs to the stair gate leading into the kitchen. Other questions they understand is ‘Can you pass me your shoes’ and ‘Can you find your slippers for mummy please.’

I find asking these questions fun and totally rewarding as I can finally talk to my girls and they understand what I am saying! Of course, sometimes I am met with a blank expressions as if to say what on earth are you talking about?

I have also noticed they have started to talk to their cuddly toys, which is funny to watch. I have no idea what they are saying but they seem to be having a right laugh with their teddy bears. Tamsin even shared her apple with the teddy bears this week at my grandparents house, putting bits of apple to the teddy’s mouth.

I will keep you in the loop with when they start doing animal noises again, my next mission is for them to do a dog and cat noise. Here’s hoping…

Reading hour with the twins. Pj's are from The White Company

Reading hour with the twins. Pj’s are from The White Company


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