A few new activities with the twins

This week the twins have experienced a few new things. The first one being bathing my parents dog Milo.

The girls had their own bath first and I will be honest, I only bath them twice a week. Mainly for the fact it is hard to do it myself as our bathroom is at the top of the stairs and has no door. I feel doing it on my own is dangerous.

Secondly, I think bathing them every night at this age isn’t really necessary. They have dry skin and I don’t want to dry it out even further by bathing them every night and washing off their natural skin oils. I know many mums bath their young children to keep in a routine and it helps them wind down but Phoebe and Tamsin are such good sleepers they go to sleep straight away when they get in their cots.

For this bath the girls were at my parents house and we decided after they got out we would quickly bath the dog. Milo hates having a bath but they girls loved it, to the point they tried to get back in the bath with him. Onced washed Milo jumped out and shaked all the excess water off his coat, which made the girls giggle.

The second new experience was discovering the flower pots in the garden and Uncle Joe decided to show them how to throw the soil out on the floor much to their delight. They spent half an hour throwing soil and laughing their heads off at each other. Tamsin particularly liked the taste of the soil too.

This is the second ‘naughty’ thing Uncle Joe has shown them along with teaching them how to pick their nose. But I guess that’s what uncles are for! At first I blamed their dad Sam, who has a habit of picking his nose and eating it (sexy). Let’s hope naming and shaming him in this blog post will kick the habit.

I have a few pictures of these new activities, apart from the nose picking of course. Enjoy.

Bathing the dog

Bathing the dog

The twins throwing soil at each other

The twins throwing soil at each other


One thought on “A few new activities with the twins

  1. What a great pidture! It’s so nice to get the twins involved with bathing the dog. I think I’ll skip teaching mine to pick their nose though LOL. Cheers!

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