The twins new obsession is…

Hens. Yes that’s right, the farmyard animal.

My grandparents, known to the twins as Poppa and GiGi (Great Grandma), have their own hens in the back garden much to the twins delight.

Every time we arrive at Poppa and GiGi’s they run to the back window and point to the hens. I have now started to bring their wellies along so they can go and see the hens close up as well as run off some steam in the garden. They also get to pick their own eggs for lunch or to take home. The excitement tends to result in a long sleep much to my delight!

They associate the hens with one of their favourite books called Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell. It is about a little boy called Buster who visits his grandma’s house and she asks him to collect two eggs for his breakfast. The book goes through lots of different animals until Buster finds the hens.

The fact the twins can go and pick their own eggs is something they love, plus the eggs taste so fresh and fluffy. They are much nicer than ones you buy at the supermarket.

Phoebe and Tamsin enjoy it when we go to my grandparents. They spend time in the workshop with Poppa and enjoy smelling the flowers they have in the garden. Looks like it’s time to improve my gardening skills…

Visiting the hens

Visiting the hens

Only one has a name - Snow White - due to its white toggle on its ankle

Only one has a name – Snow White – due to its white toggle on its ankle

I have no idea what Phoebe is doing here..

In the workshop. Tamsin is eating an apple from the allotment and…well I’m not sure what Phoebe is doing!

Spring is on its way

Just before they started picking the heads off!


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