When the slipper fits

The twins have got some new slippers that they demand to wear around the house at all times. Finlay Fox and Darci Donkey are Phoebe and Tamsin’s new best friends.

My partner Sam came across them at the Oklahoma gift shop in Manchester and I have been waiting for them to fit the girls since Christmas. They are made by a lovely company called Sew Heart Felt, which has a range of lovely felt items for kids. They also do animal felt slippers for adults (I am very tempted to join in on the fun and get a pair myself). Billie Badger is very temping indeed…

I have taken a couple of pictures of the girls wearing them this week and they started to enjoy posing whilst I took pictures of them. As usual you have to take about 800 pictures before you get the twins both looking at the camera at the same time. One reason why I have never taken them to a professional photoshoot – it would take literally all day to get a handful of decent shots.

Luckily Sam’s sister is a fantastic photographer so when she came over from Australia for a holiday she took some amazing pictures.

In the pictures below the girls are wearing tops from one of my best friends Angela. In my group of girlfriends we tease her for being swanky (she is high up at Royal Bank of Scotland and has an amazing wardrobe!). The tops are from Marc Jacobs. Yes you read right…the famous designer.

I actually can’t believe the girls own a designer top before me! (Sam if you are reading this I love Alexander McQueen…and Manolo Blahnik). Joking aside, the tops are great.

Back to the slippers. They have been great fun for the twins and they always get lovely compliments. Plus they look pretty cool on the girls. Right I’m off to get some Billy Badger’s…

A spot of reading in their felt slippers

A spot of reading in their felt slippers

Giggling in between posing

Giggling in between posing

Tamsin in her fox felt slippers

Tamsin in her fox felt slippers

Phoebe in her donkey felt slippers

Phoebe in her donkey felt slippers


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