The twins chaotic first swimming lesson

After 18 months I have finally made it to the swimming baths with the twins. As you can see by the picture, even the twins were shocked.

Putting a swimming costume on at the beginning of February after a Christmas involving lots of food, I have to be honest I wasn’t keen.

But that’s me being selfish as I know the girls would love to go to the swimming baths. They really enjoy having a bath and playing with their bath toys so I knew it would be a hit. I went and got my first ever swimming costume from Marks & Spencer’s. I’m a bikini girl at heart but didn’t fancy wearing one at Hazel Grove Leisure Centre. Not quite the same as sitting on a beach is it?

Getting a swimming bag together for the girls was pretty straight forward. Getting out of the house for the 8.30am class on a Saturday morning on the other hand was a bit more of a challenge as the girls have been waking up at 8am recently (lucky I know).

We arrived at Hazel Grove Leisure Centre bang on 8.30am and yes, the class was already in full swing. We had about ten minutes in the pool altogether and Phoebe was unsure at first. Tamsin on the other hand loved it and splashed around laughing.

The swimming teacher sang nursery rhymes as we dunked them in the water. By this point Phoebe was loving it. The class finished at 9am and everyone rushed out of the pool. I missed a trick as when we eventually got out all the family rooms were occupied.

So me and my partner Sam had to squeeze into one normal size changing room. We could have gone in one changing room each but as it was our first experience I wanted to help Sam and do it together. One word to describe this part I hear you ask? Chaos.

Trying to get Tamsin dressed whilst Phoebe was on all fours trying to escape under the door, towels everywhere and Sam half naked was a challenge. We must have been in there at least 30 minutes. To the point I bet people started to wonder what we were doing.

I decided to ditch the attempt of showering them and washing their hair. We live just around the corner so I did that as soon as we got home (after a detour to Costa Coffee in Bramhall to de-stress us. Until a young lad blocked us in and we were stuck for 20 mins until he resurfaced).

Stresses aside, would I do it again or will I wait another 18 months to attempt it? Definitely do it again, the girls loved it! I just need to start doing a few more squats to get that bikini body back like it was when I was 21 (as if).


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