The twins meet a wallaby

Last weekend we visited Sam’s dad Mike and his wife Kerrie. They live in Shropshire and we love going to see them for the weekend, as do the twins. The countryside is beautiful and it is so chilled when we visit. Just what you need with twins!

Like I said in my last post, it is hard to find things to do with the twins for free so we decided to go to the local garden centre nearby to save pennies. There are lots of animals in the outside area at the garden centre including pigs, ducks, chickens and….wallabies. Who would have thought there would be wallabies in Telford!

It was a really cold morning and looked like it could rain at any point but the twins were fascinated with the wallabies. There was also a Husky puppy called Teddy that the girls were obsessed with.

As we walked home we came across a park so the girls had a go on the swings, which they LOVED. So much in fact that when it was time to go they kicked and screamed when we put them back in the pram. They cried all the way home! However, they soon forgot about the swings when they were given a beaker of warm milk and a Goodies animal biscuit.

Let’s just hope they don’t ask for a wallaby for Christmas.


Laughing at the chickens clucking



Watching the wallabies hop around



Oink oink




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