A rainy day with the twins

So this week the weather has been cold and wet. I am not a fan of keeping the twins in their playroom all day with the television on simply because they will be climbing the walls by the end of the day. So I decided to get creative with a cardboard box!

The box I used was lying around the house from a John Lewis order I made recently and I have to admit it is a bit small for the twins to sit in it. However, the box is perfect for their cuddly toys and Happyville figures.

Whilst I drew the interior on the cardboard house the girls were helping me colour in. The only downside was that the only pens I could find were felt tips, not toddler friendly! I did have some crayons somewhere but as usual I couldn’t find them when I needed them. So I decided to just go for the felt tips. Total error! Tamsin was covered in blue felt tip whilst Phoebe was covered in green. Oops. On the upside this meant I had to put them in the bath, which killed another half an hour.

Anyway, we did have fun doing the interior of the box. I think I actually enjoyed it more than the girls, to the point I carried on with the inside when the girls had gone to sleep. So if you wondered to yourself how I had the time to draw the tiles on the floor, the little snail and paw prints it is because they had already been in bed an hour! I am not even sure they will notice the tiny details but it certainly kept me entertained.

One thing I am finding with the girls is that it is a challenge to try and do things with them for free. It is so easy to go and spend £10 here and there. I think crafts are a great way to do exciting things that are cheap and it is something I am going to try and keep doing as they grow older.

One thing is for certain though, I will be going out and buying some crayons rather than using felt tips.

Getting crafty on a rainy day

Getting crafty on a rainy day

I became obsessed with the tiny details

Not sure about my dog drawing skills.

I was a bit annoyed I didn't draw the light to scale!

I was a bit annoyed I didn’t draw the light to scale!


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