Time to decorate the playroom

Now the twins are walking and receiving what seems like hundreds of toys, I decided it was time to dedicate one of our rooms as a playroom.

We are lucky enough to have a spare room downstairs as our lounge and kitchen is open plan. Sam used to have this room as an office when he worked at home (pre twins of course!) and we thought it would make a good playroom.

The size is great for their toys and it is also next to the wet room/utility room. Great for me as I can go to the toilet in peace! I can also sort the washing out whilst keeping an eye on them as we have put a safety gate on both doors.

Ahh the simple things that make life just that little bit easier with twins! For a while now we have just had the walls cream but the room really lacked character and I wanted it to be a fun area for Phoebe and Tamsin.

We decided to have one of the walls as a map of the world. Very educational for the girls but even more so for me as my geography is shocking. If only I listened to Mr Davies in geography, I would be so much wiser!

We bought the wallpaper from eBay for £45. A bargain really as we firstly looked at a made-to-measure wallpaper but it was priced at £400. The wallpaper from eBay was slightly too big for our wall so my dad cut it to size and papered the wall for us. It wasn’t the easiest wallpaper to put up according to dad but he did a great job and looks fantastic.

There is nothing better than having a super dad. He is a builder so has helped me and Sam transform our house into something we love. Lucky really as me and Sam aren’t the best at DIY.

We of course did this at night and when the twins woke up in the morning they stared at the wall for ages and then ran up to it pointing at different parts of South Africa (that is as far as they could reach).

So happy the playroom is finished and it has added lots of character to what was a very boring room.

Seeing their new playroom for the first time

Seeing their new playroom for the first time

Tamsin checking out South Africa on the map

Tamsin checking out South Africa on the map



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