A trip to Sea Life Manchester

I have been keen to go to the Sea life Centre with the girls for a while as I knew they would love all the colours and fishes.

We decided to venture out in the pouring rain today – brave you might say as it is Sunday and the place could very well be busy. It actually wasn’t too bad and you could approach the big glass windows often with nobody stood at them.

As we ventured in we were asked to sit down and have our photo taken. It immediately brought a flashback to me of when I visited all the theme parks in Florida, they loved a cheesy family photo!

We went into a room where a lady talked to us about baby turtles, great for me and Sam but of course the twins had no idea what was happening at this point. They just loved staring at the big moon on the ceiling. Surprisingly they behaved through this part and watched the boy next to them kick off instead.

We then went into the underwater maze and the twins loved it. I think what they enjoyed the most was walking around by themselves rather than being carried.

They are still getting used to their first pair of shoes so I wanted them to walk a bit of distance in them. To help us keep the girls near us we used small rucksacks by LittleLife that have reins on the back of them.

Today Tamsin had the bumble bee and Phoebe had the ladybird. They worked really well and are great to put their drink, snacks and dummy in.

My only disappointment was that I tried to be organised (for once!) and book online but you could not purchase tickets on a tablet or mobile phone. The tickets are cheaper online so I rang Sea Life and asked what other options I had. They said I could only book tickets on a computer, which for a large company I was surprised they hadn’t updated the website to suit mobiles and tablets.

Anyway I tried on a computer and it kept freezing so I gave up and paid £5 more on the door. I don’t want this to put you off going though, the kids in there were so excited and could even hold crabs at the end of the route.

I will definitely take the twins again when they are a bit older. It is a great opportunity to teach them about sea creatures.






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