First shoes

The twins have now been walking for a good month and I have to be honest, I have been putting off buying them shoes as I am dreading the price of them.

I am also dreading walking into Clarks shoe shop as it always seems to be rammed with screaming kids.

Moan over, I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer and headed to John Lewis in Cheadle to face the dreaded shoe fitting (dragging my partner Sam with me, much to his delight).

I have to say the experience was more fun than I thought. The girl who served us was lovely and very helpful. I had no idea what the process was and she explained it very clearly to me.

Yes there were lots of screaming kids about but that actually amused me. One mother said ‘why are you crying when you have a sweet in your mouth?!’. But the experience was a fun one.

Seeing the girls walk in proper shoes was quite funny, they kept staring at their feet and walked like what can only be described as a duck.

I found the shoe designs for girls a bit girly for me really, lots of flowers and swirly stitching but then I do tend to dress the girls more like boys. Maybe I have got too used to them wearing converse.

I decided on a dark red patent shoe by Start Rite in the end, although my mum said patent scratches easily so maybe that wasn’t a good move. To be honest they will need a new set in six weeks anyway.

The price of both pairs of shoes? £72. Gulp!



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