Second Christmas with the twins

So it’s the second Christmas for Phoebe and Tamsin and this year they still don’t really understand it!

For their Christmas presents I really wanted to get them a sack each with their name on and the best ones I found were from

They look great and I can keep using them for years to come. Not cheap at £22 but my thinking is the girls will get many years of pleasure out of them.

So their favourite toy besides the wrapping paper and boxes…Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden, Happyville characters from the Early Learning Centre and jigsaw puzzles of farm animals.

My favourite present the girls received was from their Grandpa and Kerrie, a book they came across whilst at Buckingham Palace! It talks about the Royal baby not going to sleep and is such a fun read. The illustrations are so funny and look exactly like the Royals.

I decided to go all girly on Christmas Day. Normally I don’t dress them in girly outfits but I couldn’t resist these white tutus from Mothercare. Little Angels!

Now they are getting a large collection of toys I am going to start rotating them, then the girls won’t get bored of seeing the same toys all the time. I will also leave some at my parents and grandparents.

I think next year is going to be fun, they will understand who Father Christmas is and we will have to do the traditional ritual of leaving a mince pie, glass of sherry and a carrot for Father Christmas and Rudolph!




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