Fear of Father Christmas

So the Christmas tree is up along with lots of other Christmas tat. My family have always gone big on decorating the house and throughly enjoy this time of year. Maybe it’s because my Grandma has always gone crazy with decorations to the point it looks like Santa’s Grotto.

My partner Sam on the other hand hates having to go and buy a Christmas tree. To the point last year I did it myself including putting it in the car (well done me).

This year he was a bit more keen and came with us, perhaps because it is more fun now the twins are old enough to get involved.

Excited that the twins are starting to notice the house full of bright lights and red baubles that they insist on pulling off the Christmas tree EVERY time they walk past it, my Grandma gave them an all singing and dancing Father Christmas.

It is only a couple of feet high and looks fairly friendly. Tamsin loves it and watches it in fascination. Phoebe on the other hand is terrified of it and will stare at it whilst crying until I put it in another room.

Funny how one loves it yet the other is terrified. Maybe Phoebe thinks it is a real person? Either that or she just isn’t a fan of Father Christmas and his fluffy beard.

Either way I can’t wait to go to the garden centre tomorrow and show her the ten foot white Father Christmas that waves (evil cackle from a cruel mother).


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