All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

One thing I have noticed about being a mother of twins is that Phoebe and Tamsin always do things at different times.

Some presume that because they are twins they develop at exactly the same time whether it’s walking, talking or teething. Well, that’s not the case. As I type Tamsin has four teeth, two front teeth and two bottom teeth. How many has Phoebe got? None.

It is strange as I thought she would at least have one tooth if Tamsin has four. But no, I can’t even see one coming through. It just shows that twins are actually individuals and go at their own pace.

I often think that if I just had one child would I always compare with other children and think why hasn’t my child said their first word yet when others the same age can? Or why isn’t my child walking when my friend’s child can walk?

The point I’m trying to make is that children develop at different times and we shouldn’t compare – they will walk, talk, sing and dance in the end. We need to remember they are individuals.

Check out the picture of Phoebe – she still has a great smile even without teeth!


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