Lost: Pink bunny in M&S

So today was the first experience of losing one of the girls precious toys, a pink bunny holding a blanket.

The twins fall asleep every night with this bunny and losing it would make bedtime simply a nightmare! Tamsin in particular loves her bunny so I was surprised to find that after visiting the huge Marks and Spencer’s in Handforth Dean she had thrown hers on the floor.

Where? I had no idea. I had to drive off feeling very guilty that we had abandoned the bunny without even looking for it. Perhaps I have watched Toy Story too many times but I certainly felt awful. It is Christmas time after all and the store was packed (trying to convince myself I am not a bad mother). I had already gone round the store once to search for Phoebe’s dummy that she threw on the floor until I gave up.

It is certainly a new game throwing things out of the pram and keeping an eye on their little hands at all times is just impossible.

I have to say the M&S staff at Handforth Dean were amazing. I rang up asking if the bunny had been handed in and it hadn’t. The lady stated she would ring back if it appeared….and it did!

We collected it two days later at customer services and all the women working behind the counter said they had been there before with their children. Tamsin’s face lit up when she saw it!

No doubt this will be a reoccurring trauma, running around trying to hunt down a lost toy but at least our first experience had a happy ending!


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