Time away from the twins

We were invited to go to a wedding in India and my partner Sam was the best man. His best friend Jonny and his lovely wife-to-be Grace are travellers so we expected them to pick somewhere exotic for their wedding!

I found it tough to decide if I wanted to go or not as it involved leaving the twins for a total of four nights – the longest I have ever left them. Part of me felt guilty leaving them as they are now at an age where they know who I am and would notice if I wasn’t there. The other part of me wanted a break, some alone time with Sam and enjoy going to a place where I have always wanted to go.

In the end I chose to go and the girls stayed with my parents. They are familiar with them as we are there every week. Initially saying bye when they were still in their cots asleep was really hard but once I got to Manchester Airport I had a unusually hot cup of tea and a croissant. I really enjoyed sitting still for an hour!

I thought of the girls every day and missed them but I loved being with Sam and his friends. We stayed in a beach hut for two nights then a tent by the sea. Not kid friendly at all but it was truly amazing and an experience I will never forget.

It really is worth having some alone time and it certainly recharged my batteries. It took 14 hours to get to India and I slept all the way there and all the way back, I clearly needed it! The twins loved us returning home but I think they had a blast at my parents so it was a win win all round!


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