For the love of horses

The twins were lucky enough to visit one of our friend’s farms in Cheshire where they have over 40 beautiful horses and ponies.

I used to ride for three years and worked for free at a stables in Carrington for two years. I absolutely loved it. I brought the ponies into the stables at 7am, groomed, helped in the kids riding lessons and mucked out. I left at 6pm, long days but it was something I loved to do.

I was interested to see how the twins would be around the animals. Some of the horses were huge and surprisingly they were not scared at all. In fact they were so excited me and my mum were struggling to hold them as they were trying to jump out of our hands!

They had a mini walk around on Humbug with their friend Maisie. Their faces were a picture! They loved every minute. Before anyone comments I know they were not wearing helmets. It was a small walk and were held at all times, whilst I was getting giddy with my camera of course.

I really hope the twins will be keen to look after horses when they are a bit older. It kept me young for that bit longer. Whilst some of my mates at school were into hair styles, nail varnish and make-up, I didn’t want to groom myself I wanted to groom horses. And what a lovely few years it was.


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