The twins turn one!

I actually can’t believe a year has passed! Maybe it has gone quicker because the girls were in hospital for two months. Either that or it is because I have been walking round half asleep for a year!

The girls now sleep through the night, 7pm till 7am. They wake up now and again for their dummy but they are generally really good sleepers. Lucky considering there is two of them!

We had a small family party at our house for the girls first birthday. The present we got them? Two boxes of tissue paper. They loved it! I don’t see the point of spending lots of money on presents when they won’t remember it, some mother’s spend fortunes and when I replied to the question ‘What did you buy them?’ some looked surprised when I said tissue paper.

I would rather spend the money on what they need, might as well since once they are old enough it will cost a fortune!

One thought arose however, will I buy them two of the same item? I have decided no. I think it is important for the girls to learn to share and having two of everything is simply too luxurious for me. Plus, if you start off like that they will then expect it in the future. I simply don’t want to buy them two Iggle Piggles, two rocking horses, two iPad’s, two cars!!

Let’s keep things simple….just share.


Cupcakes from Selfridges



The Hungry Caterpillar sandwiches went down a treat! The cake was made by my mum and was a hit with the kids (and adults!).


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