Manchester meets Australia

As you know my Uncle came over from Australia with his tribe for a week and we all love it when they are here.

My cousins Abbie and Jess are now 15 and 12. They are such good company and we decided to have a sleepover at our house, much to the twins delight. They got so excited showing them their school and friends the following morning.

The girls love the idea of a sleepover and keep asking me if their friends from school can stay over. I have told them four years old is a bit young, plus I think it would end up being a sleepless night for me and Sam!

Hopefully we will get over to Australia now the kids are getting bigger. I didn’t dare go on a long haul flight with toddler twins and a baby! 

Easter fun

This Easter has been a great one. Our Australian relatives came to see us and it has been ace seeing them.

The twins and Jacob have loved following their cousins Abbie and Jess around. The girls are so good with them, especially as the little ones are so tiring and don’t stop talking!

We have been to Dunham Massey to look at the deers, Manchester for breakfast at Ezra and Gil, a mooch around the Manchester Craft Markets (even though the weather was dreadful) and heading to the Trafford Centre tomorrow (the girls love Topshop).

They are only here for a week but we are loving every second of them being here. The twins will miss them so much when they have gone.

The girls also had fun making Easter eggs with nana. Lots of icing went into the twins mouths rather than on their eggs, but they got there decorating it in the end!

Tatton Park

The twins wanted to go to a farm in the Easter holidays (and so did I). Tatton Park has an amazing farm and as it’s lambing season we decided to go.

My mum, aunty and grandma came along as Sam is still in Hong Kong working. I have kept the days filled with fun activities as they do miss him (as do I).

We got to Tatton Park for 10am as I knew it was going to be a hot day and busy. We beat the crowds and traffic but then realised the farm didn’t open till 12 noon.

So we played in the huge adventure park and had a coffee first. The farm had so many lambs and the girls got to stroke some triplets! 

I didn’t take any pics of the animals as it was packed and I’m also nervous of taking pictures with other children in shot. I never know whether parents would be ok with that so I avoid those situations. I did get a sneaky picture of Tamsin with the huge pig also called Tamzin! 

We giggled at the piglets, played in the adventure forest area and had a picnic that Jacob mainly fed to the birds. So making his sandwiches at 7am was so worth it. 

We really did have fun in the sun! Lots of ice cream, chocolate, sweets and grazes where Jacob kept falling over. Toddlers!

First swimming lesson

The girls have just completed their first swimming lesson – late I know at four years old but I attempted swimming with the two of them as babies and I was left traumatised!

Scrambling for a family changing room, freezing cold all for a 20 minute swim that they didn’t really enjoy I thought to myself I will leave that for a while!

So after a long gap we headed to Total Fitness Wilmslow to start a Becky Adlington Swim Stars course.

The girls were a lot more confident than I thought they were going to be and had a huge grin from ear to ear for the full 30 minutes.

The teacher Bex was so good. Really friendly and the girls warmed to her straight away. She said she was struggling to tell them apart! I should have put them in different swimming costumes. I normally put a pink clip in Phoebe’s hair but her swim hat covered it.

They are looking forward to their next class already. I only took one picture as it felt a bit weird taking pictures of them in the changing room!

First dance show

So the girls did their first ever dance show on Sunday and they enjoyed it so much!

They did a tap dance with pretty tutu dresses, which as you can imagine they loved twirling round in.

Phoebe didn’t consider how slippy the floor was in her tap shoes despite me telling her to slow down and 15 minutes before the show she fell over and bust her nose.

Of course it was the only time I didn’t have baby wipes so I had to use her sock to stop the pouring blood come out of her nose until another mum offered me a baby wipe. Mortified.

Once the blood had stopped (I didn’t get one drop of blood on the tutu – well done me!) Phoebe started smiling again and went on stage.

I helped chaperone the event but to be honest I was not much use as I forgot to bring the girls pirate uniform down to the stage for a quick change for their acrobatics dance performance as a pirate. 

I also forgot grips for their pirate hat so people were running round trying to find some back stage. I also forgot to take a picture of them in their pirate outfit. Damn.

The acrobatics dance included headstands (with help) and roly poly’s. Tamsin’s belt started to fall off due to my poor quick change skills and initially she got upset on stage but her teacher fixed it and she cracked on.

Sophie Dee School of Dance did a fab show and did so well teaching 19 four-year-olds a dance routine and to give them the confidence to perform on stage. Not one of them refused to do it, they all loved it!

Enjoy the one picture I took. Oops.

Easter holidays

The two week break is here! This Easter holiday is slightly different as we normally go to Wales.

This year Sam has gone to Hong Kong for a week with work. Normally I’m used to this but this time my dad and brother have gone too for the Hong Kong Sevens. My mum has gone to Kirkby Lonsdale and my other brother is working all week.

So yes, I’m all alone with three kids for a week! I will be seeing Sam’s mum one day for company but being on your own for a week has made me think I need a plan. Otherwise the kids will be climbing the walls.

Easter egg painting crafts have been bought, Tatton Park Farm at the weekend and we have visited the grandparents this week already.

We will be cooking some Deliciously Ella recipes tomorrow (the energy balls are yum and the kids love making them).

We have visited an ice cream parlour and played in the local park too, so it has been full on so far this week. 

Scooters have also been out. Actually it’s only Tuesday, I have a long way to go. Six days in fact. Help me.

Happy New Year!

Wow, Christmas was a busy one!

We had a little tree this year, perfect size for the children to decorate. It was Frozen themed of course, which Jacob even enjoyed and sang ‘Let it go’ whilst decorating.

They got a new penguin that they named Snowflake and a polar bear they named Ben. Jacob seemed to think they could replace his football and booted them around the hall for the whole of December. Of course the twins joined in whilst I twitched on the sofa. I got fed up of saying ‘Bobby the elf is watching’. 

Bobby decorated the front room for the kids and left them a huge picture of a Christmas tree to colour in. They loved coming down every morning to see what he had been up to.

Tamsin was good at behaving for Bobby, Phoebe cared a bit less about Bobby but did him a casual sorry if she had been naughty. Jacob kept shouting ‘ELF!’ literally as loud as he good. He still continued drawing on the walls and furniture in felt tip whether Bobby could see or not. Snowballs and homemade damson vodka had never been so appealing.

As our kitchen extension is still ongoing, we spent a lot of time out and about visiting family and friends.

I found this great as it got the kids out of a confined space and it involved lots of delicious food.

The twins got a lovely pink bike with tassels and Jacob got a scooter. This has involved lots of trips to the park, which has been great fun.

There was also a surprise baby shower for my friend who is expecting in January so I had a nice girly (kid free) catch up with my best friends. I was in charge of the balloons (see below!).

My New Year’s resolution? Write more blogs! I really need to find the time to write more posts for this little diary I’m creating for the girls and Jacob. That, and reading more books. With a loud, manic house…wish me luck!