Children in Need 2015

Just a quick post to show you the twins and Jacob’s superhero costumes.

I bought The Incredibles logo from Amazon, which ended up being a nightmare as my card got cloned and the fraudster got giddy buying phone credit at O2 and T-Mobile.

After that was sorted (at 11.30pm half asleep), I enjoyed the costumes Sam had bought them.

With a mixture of boys underpants, girls tights, socks and vests from H&M, and masks and gloves from a fancy dress shop in Manchester, this creation was made – Elastigirl!

We really wish we would have put Jacob in a Jack-Jack costume too but if I’m honest we didn’t think at the time as I had Superman in my head. God knows why, this baby brain makes me do strange things.

Either way they loved their coffee morning at school for Children in Need and it was a great opportunity for me and Sam to meet some parents. They were all lovely! 

I didn’t take any pictures of the coffee morning as I’m not sure whether you can take other pictures of children in school. So just a couple of pictures this time! 



Manchester United has a new fan

And so it begins. Jacob has turned one this week and Sam insisted on buying him a Manchester United football kit.

Whilst I have an interest in football (actually that’s not true, maybe a slight interest. With wine in my hand), it drives me mad that it’s on the television all the time. Especially on a Friday night watching Salford City because Sam has watched the ‘class of 92 documentary.

Anyway let’s not sound like a nagging wife (I don’t do it that often…I think). I actually can’t believe Jacob is one. I went into labour on bonfire night so fireworks will always remind me of the excitement (and pain) I went through to welcome Jacob into the world.

It was a much more calming experience with Jacob’s labour than the girls and I am forever grateful for that. I will always have a nice memory of the labour being more controlled and less frightening (the fact I begged for drugs and got them this time helped slightly).

I won’t be having anymore children (my friends think otherwise), so I’m glad my last experience of labour was a positive one.

To celebrate we took the kids to LEGOLAND at the Trafford Centre, which they loved. I thought Jacob would be too small but he loved the shooting ride and the Lego play areas.

The twins got involved with Professor Brick-a-Brack’s tasks and enjoyed the Merlin ride.

To finish off the week we had a little party lunch. Being a typical boy I had to blow the candle out quick as he wanted to touch it!

Next stop….the Children in Need coffee morning at the girls school. It’s a superhero theme. Elastigirl from The Incredibles has been requested. My mum said ‘oh why don’t you make them the costume’. Such a joker.



Rhosneigr: the last caravan trip

Sam’s sister has had a lovely caravan in Rhosneigr, Wales for a decade and sadly it has been sold as she packs her bags to head off to Australia.

It was one last caravan stop with cousins Dennis and Eric. The girls and Jacob were so excited and really enjoyed spending time with the boys and Aunty Nikki before they head off to Oz.

The girls loved the caravan, they didn’t seem to remember it from earlier on in the year and they especially enjoyed the beach. They were chasing the waves and collecting beach treasures on the sand.

It will be a nice memory and is the end of an era as the Hadfields have had a caravan in Rhosneigr for decades.

Best get saving for a holiday home…or pitch a tent!


Following Aunty Nikki


Trying to escape the caravan


Looking for beach treasures


Watching the sun rise with Dennis





Saying goodbye to our first family home

So I haven’t written a blog for a while. It is due to a combination of having a rest after the wedding and if I’m honest I am still getting used to looking after three kids!

I’m finding I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I simply don’t have the energy to pick up my iPad. I have opted to just lie in front of the telly dribbling and barely having the energy to talk to Sam. Ok, the dribbling is an exaggeration but it is a long day with three kids. Although sitting down at night and watching rubbish on the telly has become a bad habit of mine.

So hello, I am back! We did so many good things over the summer including the twins third birthday party, which the girls loved. We had a fairy theme and a bouncy castle, every little girl’s dream!

The girls have also started dance class, they are obsessed with their red tutu and tap shoes! Dressing up is their favourite thing to do at the moment. Sam brought them little dresses and fans back from Hong Kong, they were so happy!

Then two weeks ago we moved house. It was emotional for me as it was our first family home. I had all three of my babies there and I was sad to say goodbye to our neighbours.

We have now settled in Bramhall, Cheshire and we love it. More space for the kids and it is a five minute walk from their nursery. The girls started nursery in September and I have to say they were ready for it! They love all the activities and their teacher is brilliant…very calm and patient!

Here are a few pictures from the summer and of course leaving our first family home.


Phoebe and Tamsin chose to be Tinkerbell


Tamsin’s favourite colour is purple, Phoebe’s is yellow


First day at school. I always put Phoebe in a pink clip to help teachers know who is who!


Jacob helping me pack


First day at dance class


Treasures from Hong Kong


Wedding at Talton Lodge

We have tied the knot!

We have managed to have a third baby, do an extension on our house and plan a wedding in six months! Are we mental? Oh yes! Are we tired? Exhausted!

We got married at Talton Lodge, a stunning place in Stratford-Upon-Avon. We have been a few times as the owners Barney and Livy are friends of Sam’s brother.

They are a lovely couple and made our day simply amazing! We got married outside Talton House next to some ancient trees and the twins were flowers girls. Their cousin Marcy walked them down the aisle and they were so good. Even Tamsin’s garland fell down over her eyes and she carried on like a trooper.

The ceremony was a great insight into our chaotic life with three kids under three. The twins were bored and wanted to play, Jacob was chewing my veil and then my veil flew off in the wind!

My mum’s friend Liz made my wedding dress (a top and skirt) as well as my veil. She is a genius and created exactly what I wanted. I sourced the lace from Paris and was so happy when I found it as I struggled to find what I wanted at first.

The girl’s dresses were from Tea Princess in Sydney (I came across them on Instagram) and the moccasins were made by Makwa Moccasins on Etsy. The man behind Makwa Moccasins is Jeffrey and his moccasins are amazing!

We had English Afternoon Tea in the garden with lovely homemade scones and cake. We then headed to the Kitchen Garden where the tipi and yurts were. Then the party kicked in!

We had a hog roast and amazing vegetables cooked by Livy. Puddings were bakewell tart with brown bread ice cream and salted caramel and chocolate tart. The hog roast was a pig from their farm, we saw the pigs a few weeks before and the girls were feeding them. They were so excited, then I found out one of the pigs was for our wedding! I felt awful. Maybe I should become a veggie.

All the speeches were fab and our four tier pork pie wedding cake from Eley’s Pork Pies went down very well. If only I had chance to taste it, I was too busy chatting and dancing!

The bonfire at night was a success as was the bar! The next morning involved lots of bacon and egg sandwiches with cups of tea and coffee to cure the hangovers.

Me and Sam both agree it couldn’t have gone any better. The weather went from a rainy week to a sunny weekend too, an added bonus!

We wanted our wedding to be as personal as possible and I think we achieved that. We did dreamcatchers with Sam’s Grannie Ann’s doilies, my mum made honey and oat soaps and we used my poppa’s honey from his bees. My brother made a little tipi for people to put cards in and a totem pole.

My mum made so much for the wedding, the raffia that was hung around the tipi, sticks with ribbon and bells on for the little ones, even personalised colouring books for the kids and my dad chopped lots of wood to put under the rosemary pots.

We used a vase during the ceremony to put flowers in that belonged to Sam’s Grannie Margaret, the Canadian moccasins were a nod to my Aunty Ann in Canada, and the flower girl dresses were a nod to my Uncle Wayne in Sydney.

I don’t think you can get any more personalised than that! Enjoy the pictures.

Me and my Dad

Me and my Dad

Marcy and the twins

Marcy and the twins

Me and my husband!

Me and my husband!

The ceremony

The ceremony

Dresses by Tea Princess

Dresses by Tea Princess

Sam and his dad outside Talton House

Sam and his dad outside Talton House


The totem pole

The totem pole

The dream catchers in the tipi. All the family helped to decorate the tipi. I couldn't have done it without them!

The dreamcatchers in the tipi. All the family helped to decorate the tipi. I couldn’t have done it without them!

The flowers were made by the lovely Amanda Luther. She is based next door to Talton Lodge. She did a fab job!

The wedding flowers were made by the lovely Amanda Luther. She is based next door to Talton Lodge. She did a fab job! I just loved my garland.

Sam with his brother and sister

Sam with his brother and sister

Quick toilet stop for the guys!

Quick toilet stop for the guys!


Close up of the pork pie wedding cake

Close up of the pork pie wedding cake


The twins become mermaids!

Firstly, apologies for not posting for so long. I have just about settled into a routine with three under three!

We have taken on a lot – a newborn, a new extension on our house and we are getting married in four weeks. I’m even tired writing that sentence!

I have lots to tell you but I thought I would start with the girls first homemade costumes – mermaids!

The twins have a cousin called Gia and for her third birthday she had a mermaid party. I will be honest, my mum made most of the outfit.

My contribution was the crown, which was made out of tiny sequins and a toilet roll. The glue gun worked a treat and held every sequin in place. As soon as the girls saw the crown they said “like Holly mummy!” from the show Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. I was happy with that!

The outfit looked fab and as soon as the girls arrived at the party…they wanted to take it all off. All the hours we spent making them and they took them off in seconds!

The girls weren’t the only ones to do this, Gia refused to wear her mermaid costume from the start and her mum never got her mermaid picture.

Luckily I did!

Tamsin loving her mermaid tail

Tamsin loving her mermaid tail

In the party bags - homemade by Aunty Nadia!

In the party bags – homemade by Aunty Nadia!

Spot Jacob in the ball pool

Spot Jacob in the ball pool


A trip to the allotment

Since I have had Jacob I haven’t had chance to go to the allotment with my poppa. So me and the twins went along with Jacob to pick some leeks and parsnips.

The twins love running around the allotment and followed my poppa and Aunty Louise everywhere. They helped pull up the leeks and parsnips as well as pick some broccoli.

There was a pirate flag on one of the plots which the twins were obsessed with and they also explored the shed.

It was fairly cold so we only stayed for an hour, enough time for them to learn where our veg comes from! That night we made honey roasted parsnips, which the twins loved. The next day we had leek and potato soup. The twins now say ‘yummy in my tummy’ when they eat veg!

Picking the leeks

Picking the leeks

Following Aunty Louise

Following Aunty Louise (it wasn’t actually raining!)

Raincoats are from JoJo Maman Bebe

Raincoats are from JoJo Maman Bebe

Looking for parsnips

Looking for parsnips